bought my house in 2007 brand new with new fans…had a harbor breeze fan motor start making grinding sound. i checked and tightened screws on fan blades next turned it on to see if sound was fixed…it was not. Next i took the light kit off and the blades and ran the fan with just the motor the sound was still there. I tried to oil the motor but with no avail. Called lintex industries who i guess takes care of this problem. They said i could ship it back at my own cost and if there was something wrong with it they would fix it or send me a knew motor. They said i must send the light kit back as well (increased shipping weight for no reason). I asked how long it would take to get the replacement which the rep said 3-6 wks. I said that seems a little excessive, i will be without and light and a fan. He didnt seem to care much b/c im sure his works fine :o). Anyways i said this policy seems to deter anyone from ever making a claim. He says sir if we paid to ship back everyones product we couldnt sale the fan for 150 dollars…at which point i said is it a common problem to have to replace the fan motor in 6 or 7 years? He says no. So i guess his point of having to do it all the time is a mood point. I asked if Hunter fan had a similar warranty procedure…he says well they will do a one time fan replacement then wash their hand of the situation. He acted as if that was a bad thing. I said that sound logical, they cover the warranty on the item you bought…they replaced it. I dont expect them to continue to replace a replacement. I have 5 fans in my house if i am replacing the motor on each one every so often that will get expensive…at least hunter honors it up to one time. I asked the representative a question…If lowes sales this product why cant a complete the warranty claim thru them for an expedition of the process…I am not very happy with harbor breeze warranty, beware.

Found At: Lowe’s – suboptimal warranty protocol

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