Lumber Liquidators

Had my floors replaced in my living room…We were charged $4,553.26 .

Invoice date September 26,2020.

Job was supposed to have been engineered wood …oh boy,,,first they installed

two different the floor by the sink and the rear door got molded from inapprpriate installation.what ever bearing we had to protect water damage was removed by the LL floor installers .

They sent someone to my home to inspect the install. That gentleman noted all the install faults and insured my wife and I ,that they will make consession and repair the problems, However , when we got the final report from the contracter,he was rude and yelled his refusual to correct the problems.

We were also lied to by the LL customer support management ,who also promised my wife and I ,that they will have the problems corrected.

My advice to anyone in need of flooring ,Stay away from this company. t

Try using

FLOOR AND DECOR. The prices and products are superior by a long shot.

Plus their installers are more seasoned then the crap from LL floors

Try them, beware LL flooring products and service sucks.

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