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The mistake I made with April French and Luxury Locs was to trust them. I’d used the company 3 times before I figured it out, and I wish I had been smart enough to research LLocs before I bought. Initially, everything seemed OK, but last fall, I got straight hair when I’d ordered curly and didn’t have enough time to deal with it as I was going away. But more recently … I ordered over the phone on Jan. 12, 2009. The FedEx tracking no. sent Jan. 16 did not exist. On Jan. 21, I got another tracking no. from USPS that also was fake. Talked with A. French. On Feb. 10, she sent an email saying: “So sorry for the delay. Your order will reach you this Friday … there was a delay in customs (oh, please.) Will send the tracking info asap.” Order arrived Feb. 19 — it was completely wrong. I told her I would be sending it back and expected LL would correct it. On Feb. 27, April French sent email, saying she would send correct order. On March 4, April wrote she would send new hair, but the “courier’s pick-up and drop-off schedule” may not be the same as LLocs (what the bleep does that even mean?) Sure enough, on March 5, she wrote that the courier had a delay (could see that one coming!) On March 6, she wrote that she would include an additional 8 oz. of hair in my order, for LL having inconvenienced me. She said if the hair is not in my hands by March 8, she would issue a full refund (lol).
Hair arrived March 12, exactly 2 months after I ordered it. It was wrong, yet again, and, of course, there was no additional hair, as promised. My bad. I didn’t send it back because I was sick of Lux. Locs and their scam. And, of course, every return is on the buyer. There’s a lot of dishonesty in this company. Initially they sound very organized and professional, but they lie, they give you phony tracking numbers, and they keep you on a string because — guess what? — they’ve got your money (no refunds!) and you want to believe they’re really trying to do the right thing. And you don’t want to lose that money. We work hard for our money, and LLocs is real happy to take it and not look back. Listen, I don’t know if these people are pathological or just plain liars. But I do know that the company is a rip-off and a fraud. I’m telling you, ladies, do not use this company.

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