Atty. Jensen A. Sanhi fake attorney - Atty. Jensen A.Sanhi estafa case

I would like to call your attention and file complaint with regards to claiming of CASH from M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala in Aringay La Union Branch. The incident happened last Dec.01, 2018 when I claim the money which was sent by my niece in jeddah, saudi arabia. Actually her employer sent the money last nov. 28, 2018, so I assume I can immediately claim the money, but they said I will return sunday the next day, then they said still NO CASH available, come back again on Monday, then I got to go again coz her children badly needs the money but unluckily NO CASH AVAILABLE AGAIN. I was pissed off this time coz they keep on promising time and again. What if its an emergency, how can they accommodate my needs.

Can you please investigate the branch why are they continued operating, even though they have no sufficient FUND to comply the needs of the customers. Let them close if they have no sufficient fund.

Kindly act immediately

Thank you

Found At: M Lhuillier, Aringay, La Union Branch – cash claim-no fund

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