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This complaint is regarding Ron Johnson, owner of, who operates his business from his home in Las Vegas (or was at the time of my observations) and pays his employees under-the-table. I speculate he is operating this business without a license. He is extremely verbally abusive to his employees including constant violent threats, sexist comments, insults, and sexual harassment of female employees for lengths of time as long as entire 12-hour shifts. He generally keeps 3 to 4 people employed for a few weeks to a couple of months and then fires everyone for not being as skilled as him notwithstanding his lack of ability to adequately train. Due to the the “under-the-table” status and no official contract, records, or paperwork, employees choose not to fight it and just move on. He then hires a whole new group of people and this cycle goes on and on. His employees do work that he could easily do himself, but he enjoys telling someone else to do the work, then break them down with insults of incompetence only to end up doing everything himself anyway. He and his employees spend the majority of the 10 to 12-hour work day sending spam to hundreds of teens on myspace, youtube, etc. promising them a career in the music industry for a small fee starting at $500 for the least expensive starter package. If they’re able to contact someone directly, they extract as much personal information from that person leaving them with very little information about the company. His favorite place to find potential future employees is the Las Vegas Craigslist job section under Admin/Office and Customer Service. He used to advertise under the name of his business,, but due to recent complaints, he has been soliciting people from behind amateur recording artists’ homepages and vague posts targeting people interested in working in the music business (these ads and homepages always look similar as they’re generally designed with a simple template). I’m reporting this because Mr. Johnson is toying with peoples’ lives under the guise of an alleged illegitimate business while getting a rise out of verbally abusing, threatening, intimidating, and sexually harassing people that are looking for legitimate work in a very difficult economic time.

Found At: – Unprofessional and Abusive Owner

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