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This is in regards to the Ill treatment, misbehavior and argument by the sales person at Al Watan center, HBK signal in Doha, Qatar.. he was not paying attention to me and was busy attending other malayali speaking customer who came later than me. which indicates that Malabar gold promotes racism, poor and ill treated customer service.. no other staff was available to attend me and they showed least interest in attending me.

The on duty manager and Nigil were attending me however after every two minutes they were changing the customers and asking me to go to some other sales man. This indicates Lack of dedication towards customers Both the manager and NiGil were rude and raised their voices inspite of me asking them to stop arguing as i was fasting and they drained down my energy.

I would like to ask the country manager of Malabar gold and the whole Malabar gold team that werher they suppprt such type of culture of rudeness, racism and misbehavior ?

I would also like to ask if Malabar gold staff will provide good customer service only to Malayalam speaking customers or to all customers ?

I hope this email will be acknowledged and I will receive a prompt response from the top management.

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