United Medical Center - negligence

This company is just like any other Indian consulting company. They offer to sponsor your H1-B visa, and if you’re not in USA as a student, they would charge you a helluva lot of money. And then they make a fake resume showing 5-6 years of experience when you have none and market you to gullible American clients. THeir pay is low and their services are bad. Plus they don’t employ any Americans in their company.

Just wanted to bring this company to the attention of the Fraudwatchers network. They apply for 20, 000 H1-B visas a year and commit fraud regularly. With your help, I WANT TO SHUT THIS COMPANY DOWN FOR GOOD!

Can you help me? I’ve already sent a complaint to the DOL in NJ back in May 09. The case is under investigation.

Found At: Marlabs Inc. – Another scamming company from NJ

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