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The worst Service EVER! MANIPULATION!

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The worst customer service EVER!. I’ve requested to close my credit card on Oct 2021, and after three months of waiting for 45 days so I could request a clearance letter, I was shocked to receive another statement saying that I need to pay another 260 AED for closing the credit card. HOW? I have not used my credit card and am now forced to pay 260 AED to cancel my credit card.

In the end, I was asked by the customer service of Mashreq bank to deposit 260.40 AED, and when I asked them how can I deposit 0.40 AED? They were brainwashing my head and saying that the ATMs accept coins, which is not true at all! I was raised here.

They don’t even about saving the customer loyalty or saving the customer experience; what they really care about is the MONEY!
I even requested a callback, and it never happened. A call from a manager or supervisor never happened, and you can put on top of that broken promise as well! They promised to call you back, and never did!

Thank you for teaching me not to use or recommend your service to my friends or family.

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