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On 8/19/2019 I went online and made a daytime 3 hour turnaround appt. to have my brakes checked for 8/22/2019. About an hour later I received a phone call from a Mavis representative confirming my appointment.

On 8/22/2019 I dropped my car off at 6am prior to work. Problem one was there was no key drop off. I had to leave my car open and keys in it. I was not happy!

At 9am I called to confirm they got my car. They had no clue my car was even there or what to do with it. I explained the above and they said no problem they would get it in and call me when they look at it.

Problem 2 – they didn’t have a clue that my car was there or what to do with it.

At 11am I received a phone call that they checked my brakes and I did need them replaced. I approved the work and told them I would be there after work at 3:30 to pick up. They stated no problem it will be done in an hour.

At 3:40 when I arrived my car was still on the lift. I went in and asked for my car. One of the employees went out to check on the status. He came back and said it would be another 20 minutes.

Problem 3 – What happened to the 3 hour turnaround, what happened to “it will be done in an hour”.

At 4:15 I finally got my car. Problem 4 they made me a half hour late for my dinner engagement and there was no apology.

The next day driving my car home I heard my brakes making a noise. Then again on Saturday they sounded worse then when I brought my car in.

Problem 5 – did he change my brakes, did he put the old back on, did he put new parts but install wrong? Now I do not feel safe at all driving my car.

Problem 6 – I noticed on Friday that even though I gave them a discount coupon for 89.99 they only gave me a discount for 54.00.

On Friday I did call the customer service department and complain but I did not realize that my brakes were making a noise that morning. I spoke to a very nice representative, Brianna, who said she would pass the information to the regional manager and I should receive a call by this coming Monday the 26th. I leave the 25th for vacation to NC, good thing someone else can drive since my car is not safe to drive that distance. I’m writing this even though I called because of the additional complaint of the noise and not knowing if my brakes are old/new, installed properly or not.

My Reservation Confirmation # is 4089571
Order # was 439594, invoice 660999

My desired resolution – First I should be refunded the amount of money they did not discount me – $35.

Secondly I feel that I should be compensated for the half hour I had to sit and wait for a car that they had all day – so half of the hourly labor rate would do.

Thirdly I need my brakes checked to see if they were really changed and if they were installed properly. The problem with this is I do not want to take it back to the pawling location because I do not trust them. Plus wherever I take it I am now going to have to sit and wait for it (more inconvenience) so I can see for myself what was or was not done. Obviously I need to monitor the work. I can’t state completely what resolution I am looking for because that will depend on what is found when the brakes are checked. If not changed and the old put back I want a full refund and i will take my car elsewhere that is reliable to have my brakes done. If they were installed incorrectly I am still not sure I trust Mavis, at least the Pawling site, to fix them. Again this one will have to be discussed once the end result is determined.

So hopefully the regional manager calls me on Monday or that will be another problem added to this complaint.

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