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Took car for checkup of brakes, alignment, front end, (brakes were making noise, and there was a shimmy when driving. Car checked “needed shocks, wheel alignment, strut assembly. They gave me a wrong invoice which I paid at the time then they called to tell me the Bill came to 1, 699.79. I went back and paid the difference which was about double of the first bill. The following week I returned because of car pulling to right and still a slight shimmy. They checked it again and told me I needed an additional $680.00 worth of work done on the brakes. This should have been taken care of on first visit. The mechanic advised me curvature of road can cause shimmy, which I am aware of, but the car shimmy was obvious on a smooth level road around 50-55 mph. They did correct the alignment which is better now. Brakes are still squealing, but I will not return to this facility for any further repairs. Mechanic’s attitude and professionalism leaves room for improvement. I will have the work they advised checked out and performed by another facility if necessary performed

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