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Hello, on September 20, 2020, I, Temeka Dixon, took my car in for service at Mavis Tire at 7005 Concourse Pkwy. I made an appointment for 9:00am for an Oil change, tire rotation, and to check my tires for a puncture. My car was returned to me around 12 noon on the same day. I returned home and decided to check the oil stick, 3 hours later, to make sure they changed the oil. While checking the oil, I noticed that it was very little oil barely on the tip of the stick. I returned to Mavis the same day and spoke to the manager, Roman, and spoke on how unsatisfied I was with the service from this shop. Roman asked it we could go and look at the oil stick and we did. Once he pulled the stick he stated, “There is oil in this car but it is not enough”. I stated to him that I paid for enough and they even charged me for additional quarts. He also went on to say that during oil changes, the techs were supposed to wait 10 minutes each time they pour in quarts of oil to make sure nothing cracked. He stated that the techs may have deemed my car ready after waiting 10 minutes and forgot to go back to make sure it was full.
I stated to him that his statement on what could have happened had no bearings on me and why my car was returned to me with very little oil. The manager, Roman, asked if I wanted a free oil change or a free tire balance on my next visit. I requested a free tire balance on my next visit. I was still unhappy even though I accepted the offer. If I had not checked my car, that could have caused extensive damage for me as the consumer to repair.
Before I left, I asked the manager if my tires were checked for a puncture because my tire gauge light was on? He stated they checked and found nothing wrong. On September 24, 2020, my tire gauge light came back on. I took my car back to Mavis on that day and was greeted by Dere’k. I advised Dere’k of my situations with my car since in brought it in on September 20, 2020. The same manager, Roman, came up and asked what was the issue. I recanted about the oil change incident and then brought up about my tires could not have been checked because I am back with issues with my tires. Roman stated to me that they were very busy and I would have to wait until they finished some of the other customers and he could possible fit me in. He also offered for me to return back to the shop on today, September 25, 2020, at 9am. I advised him that I spent 3 hours at this shop on Sunday and then had return to the shop on the same day to fix what I previously paid for. Now, he was expecting me to take off work to lose more of my time, AGAIN.
I walked over to the side and Dere’k came over to me and asked how could he help me. Dere’k stated to me that he was about to get off but he seen the frustration and wanted to help any way that he could. I told him thank you but go ahead and get off I’ll just wait. Dere’k insisted that he stayed and assisted me. I accepted and I asked if he could check my tires to see if there were a puncture. He came to my car with a tire mechanism and checked all of my tires to see the pressure. Three of my tires were inflated way beyond capacity and one was way beneath capacity. He deflated three of the tires to the right capacity and added air to the other one. I am under the impression that the techs added air to my tires to see if they were punctured but failed to return the tires to the appropriate capacity. That could have caused a major problem with my tires being at that capacity. The light gauge went off after the pressure was adjusted.
I thanked Dere’k for going over and beyond his duties. What he did should have been done by the manager. Dere’k customer service skills exemplified what a manager should be. He cared more about problem and took time to help me more that the manager, Roman.
I just want to give kudos to Dere’k for assisting me with my car situation.
My whole experience on Sunday was horrible and this is just one of many horrible experiences that I have had here. Very unsatisfied customer.
Thank you.

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