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I purchased this washer is February and it was delivered to my home in March when we closed on our brand new home. In August, I started to notice it may a loud grinding noise before it went into the spin cycle and never stopped spinning. It would just start over. This has been a nightmare. I called September 1, 2020 and a rep came the following day. Parts were order but one part was on back order. I did not know this until I contacted Maytag yo check on the status of my service request, as they sent the technician. After being on hold for and hour, I was told the part was on backorder and to call back on October 8, as the part should be available. Keep in mind, I can’t use the washer, so I’m a month in. I called on October 8th and was told the part was on backorder until October 23, and I’d have to wait because I did not contact the and have the part ordered directlty through them, as if that’s my role here. The part FINALLY came in, I called the repair technician the following week and they came out last week to install both parts (the part came in early). I washed a load and the washer was doing the EXACT same thing I reported September 1, 2020. I’m currently on hold and have been on hold for half an hour. TWO MONTHS! TWO Months I have to keep making these exhaustive calls because they sold me a piece of crap. The technician they keep sending doesn’t have a clue. Just making a guess and meanwhile, I have to wait for him to figure it out and wait on hold to even find out what’s going to happen next. This is absolutely ridiculous. I am beyond pissed. I chose a nicer washer and wish I would have chosen the cheapest smallest washer in Lowes. I’ve never had issues like this and been treated like I don’t matter. I wish I could drive it to Maytag and dump it on top of their heads. $600.00 for this POS with the rudest customer services reps I have ever experienced IN MY LIFE. Like they gave this sh — to me. I paid my hard earned money for it and I expect it to function properly without having to purchase your bull crap extended warranty

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