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I have had my Bravos xl washer for 5 years and now I have to replace it! It’s leaking oil or some fluid due to water leakage on the tumblers or whatever mechanism makes it spin. It has sounded like a jet engine for months while running. My friends had the same thing happen to their exact model and the cost was $600 to fix. No thanks! The repair tech said its common with this model and guess what.. the same thing happened to ours I have a family… so I have to buy a new one now at Lowe’s, but I am extremely unhappy with the quality and durability of that machine and would like to be compensated for it. 5 years.. come on. My parents POS lasted 15.

Please respond and I expect to be restituted property to be made whole or I will continue to escalate to the board of directors at your organization along with social media. I am providing you the opportunity to make it right. Honestly, you should provide restitution for all people who purchased this model.

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