This is to all of the dumb customers that come in the local McDonald’s I work for.

The cheap-skates that try and get a BigMac for a dollar by ordering a McDouble and having it changed to add BigMac sauce and lettuce. Just buy a fricken BigMac because a lot of other McDonald’s are starting to charge for the sauces no matter what. If it doesn’t come with it then you will get charged.

People asking for a water cup then turn around and grab a coke when no one is looking then when they do get caught they have the stupid intentions to fight about it or call corporate about it. Makes you look very stupid in the long run and we all have a huge laugh at your expense.

All of these order mess ups I hear about. Nine times out of ten it’s the customers fault because they don’t know how to order let alone know what fast food restaurant they are visiting… “Yes I want a whopper, biggie sized with a pepsi”. There is no 99 cent menu, there is a dollar menu and there is no McNuggets on the dollar menu.

Yes breakfast is over at 10:30am on week days and 11:00am on weekends. We start breakfast at 4:00am so there is a run for 8 1/2 hours to 9 hours. Just wake up earlier.

To the customers that take a long drive to work day in and out. Why bother stopping for food at the one near your house then turn around and complain 45minutes later when you arrive at your place of work that your food is cold. The food has a lifespan of seven minutes tops before it gets cold, less if its cold out or with your A/C on low.

To the customers that come inside for their food. If you see a fresh basket of fries go into the fry hopper. you see the fries get scooped into a bag or box and placed in your bag then turn around and tell the employee you want fresh fries. How much fresher do you want them? Want us to go to a farm, pick the potato, come back, wash, cut and fry it before your eyes?

To the customers that come in very late at night after the lobby is closed. It’s going to take a while to get your food. Reason being there are only two to three people on staff and people have a champagne taste with coke-a-cola money. People wanting their square fishstick fresh out of the grease for their Filet-O-Fish that takes 5 minutes to cook. Or since recently of the major deals on McNuggets we have a hard time keeping them ready to go and they take about four minutes to cook. Crispy chicken take about eight minutes and so on. We can’t park the cars because it’s after hours and it’s a security hazard to open the doors. So don’t expect for free food, discounts or anything out of the nature. Also if you’re the type of people that want fresh food think about the hungry people that are in line with you.

When it’s raining you rather use the Drive-Thru, I don’t blame you. But when you pull up to the window please and I beg you, turn off the wipers. We don’t want to get soaked with dirty rain water.

If we mess up on a order and you decided to come back to get it fixed. We need the receipt and food. Yea we toss out the food but we don’t want to get ripped off in the long run. “Yes, I ordered three McDoubles with out Mustard. Well they have Mustard” Well how do we know you didn’t eat them anyway when you just bring back a receipt? Would you do this if you bought say a big screen TV that was faulty? I think not.

We are only human people, mistakes happen. If in doubt check your food. So if you get a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and ask for no cheese, please check it. You try making a hundred or so QPCes in a hours time. you’ll get use to slapping on cheese on each one that gets passed to you. You’re not better then us, we are equal. we are all human. Some of us get paid more then you and others make minimum wage. All depends on their job title. Heck im a manager and I get 8:50 a hour. That really sucks but do to the job market I have no choice. I’m able to just get by supporting four kids with out government help with my job. I live paycheck to paycheck like millions of other Americans.

Long story short. If you keep getting the wrong order or bad service it’s ether these two reasons.
A: You don’t know how to order.
B: You expect too much for a fast food restaurant. This isn’t some five star elite restaurant.

As to a fellow co-worker always says “Stupid people have to eat too”

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