Meaningful Beauty

Meaningful Beauty has overcharged everyone I have talked to about the product, at least 10 people I know have been overcharged by the company. I refused to pay for the product overcharge, the person on the phone stated I said I was sending a payment so by the time they sent it to a collection agency, the Gunthy Renker company told me that I had been meischarged for a three month supply and that it was too late to do anything so just pay the bill. I would rather take a hit on my credit and write a letter to the credit reporting agencies than give them an extra $78. for a product that I never received and did not order. So my $39.95 order was actually $117.95. So now I will buy NOTHING that Cindy Crawford sells her name too. AND too bad she is alsosupported by Valerie Bernacelli and the girl from NCIS. Now I dislike both of them also. They just sell their names for money, which is really no different than streetwalkers on Hollywood and Vine at night. NO INTEGRITY in any part of this product
PLUS the product burns my face when I apply it and no one I know wants this product.

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