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I’m going to tell you my experience with these online drug pharmacies. There ar listed as meds24/7 online cvs.com and I placed a few orders from only a few companies. I got my orders ok but since Wednesday of last week I found my credit. Card was billed for $182.92 and I can’t even find the company who billed my card so I had to call my bank and report that billing as an unauthorized billing to my credit card. Listen up! From what I have found out they list under all different names but have had companies calling me pertaining my orders and each different company that has called me have all came from the exact same cell phone number… Bakersfield California [protected] so I really believe that one group of people are running all these online pharmacies under different names but owned by the same people. So write that number down and see if any of these pharmacies that call you that you see that city state and same phone. My opinion is THEY ARE ALL FAKE AND I DON’T FEEL SAFE GOING TO ANY OF THEM ANYMORE EXCEPT THE 2 I actually got honest results from. I would say to stay away from them cause they are mostly all fake.

Found At: Meds24/7online – they are fake.

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