Complaint summary:

Neglecting my wife and her safety. Not dealing with issues as they could be dangerous.

Complaint in Detail

My wife and I shop often at various Meijer locations searching for hotwheels. I felt I’ll so I go to the car and wait. My wife notices a man following her all thru the store. After intentionally walking to be sure she was followed, she went to the cashier. She turned and asked her if the guy following her works for Meijer’s because he has been following her. The woman working laughed and said he must think you are cute. So my wife proceeds to.leave the store knowing I’m parked with a shout and not a single person working was even offering assistance to walk her out or ask the men why they were following her. She was very uncomfortable and walked out by herself. I saw her coming out of the store not knowing this has happened and then I see a guy walk out behind her on his phone and move to the left, and another out and behind her right side. By then I can clearly see they were staring at her and watching her ever move. I yelled out of the car as she was walking up asking if the had a issue or a problem. I’m sure I wasn’t that pleasant. I could see her and know something made her uncomfortable. The guys both stood watching as she got in the car telling me to leave right away that she’s being followed by a guy. She had no idea it was even 2 guys. I thinks it’s complete lack of responsibility for a woman asking if they worked there only to have comments like the think she’s cute. And then knowing this guy is following her, nobody did a damn thing to make sure my wife was safe getting to the car. Clearly nobody but my wife knew I was out the and thank God I was because we left fast and worried not knowing the intent of the guys. They could have my plates as far as i know. We just do not know. I do know, this was a blessing nothing came out of the situation but a scare and a complaint. I’m more upset about her being worried and distress walking up to the cashier, getting blown off and unprotected leaving what we feel should be a safe environment no matter the hour of day. The date is 12/29/19. Checkout was at 19:56:57. Store 129. I have the receipt so I’m sure you can watch this all play out from the moment the guys came in, split up, and did whatever they did. My wife managed to get her cookies but I seriously doubt the safety of the store and angry beyond belief that it was not taken serious and they guys she encountered could not have been looking for anything but trouble. My wife has started collecting hotwheels and the best times is late at night or early mornings and is less crowded with new cases being put on shelves. I’m not even sure if this is a valid complaint in the companies eyes, but being my wife or possible a daughter I’m not forgetting this so easy. Please take your time and watch for yourself. It really could have been so much worse had I not been there, no thanks to the meijers team.

Desired Resolution:
Give her a reason to come back. Gladly accept compensation and shop at another meijers location. I don’t care about what you can give me, but my wife deserves a night of shopping without being afraid to come and go into a meijers that’s clearly equipped to handle a situation like this rather than laugh and say a damn stranger following her thinks she’s cute. It’s absurd! A gift card of sorts would make her day or send her a couple cases of hotwheels 72 count and allow her time to let her know that you are caring for her and most of all, tell your cashier’s to walk someone out that isn’t feeling safe or to notify the police!

1st attempt contacting Meijer 12/319 01:00 (few hours after incedent )

Receipt shows time to help see the exact details.

Michael Burns
621 N Colorado Ave
Indianapolis In 46201
Facebook with info above

Found At: Meijer – customer, service safety issues during the night.

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