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I’m a former student of manipal university, melaka (Melaka manipal medical college). It is with great regret that I attended the “international university”, which only had one college (Medical). I completed my studies only because I had already commenced them and paid money, so as not to waste time. There are a number of issues I must express:
1. This is not an international university – it is a private college for malaysian students, with only up to 5 international students in the entire college, many of whom had malaysian origin. Hence, you are expected to know bahasa melayu, and follow malaysian culture – generally conservative and extremely religious, regardless of religion (Islam, hinduism, christianity, sikhism). Mind you, the malaysian mentality can be very annoying – they are an extremely nosey bunch (They’ll find out everything about you behind your back before meeting you, and they’ll double check when they see you. It’s common for them to ask about your parents’ occupation, citizenship, migration history, your marks etc.), they expect you to conform to their attitude (Many men are alpha males, women are oppressed), to conform to the group/mob mentality (No room for individuality). They generally lack creativity or substance in their conversation – instead they question everything with “why”, speak 3 word sentences followed by “la” etc. And think you’re showing off if you speak proper english. They also tend to study a lot, but pretend not to, and actively flatter others in a bid to discourage them from attaining success.
Malaysians are extremely racist (Not all, but many are). You will notice that they are segregated into malays, chinese, indians, and they all hate each other and hate malaysia (Except the malays), but they act extremely patriotic and get extremely offended when they ask a foreigner if they like malaysia and they say no.
Most of the malaysian students can’t speak proper english. They expect you to bring yourself down to their standard. They’ll try and destroy your confidence. They’ll even ask you to define each word you say to them. The problem is, you will have to rely on them for translation. You are dependent on them, you are at their mercy. Do you want to be in such a position?
2. It’s like a school – but worse. You will be seated alphabetically or by roll number amongst the same people for 5 years. Even if you request to change because you’re not happy with your group and it’s affecting your studies, the college will refuse to accommodate you, as they are rigid on their “administrative efficiency”
3. Miss out on your golden years – university is more than just study, it’s about discovering who you are and being free to express yourself. Freedom of speech will not be tolerated here. Also, you will be sent out from class if you have even the tiniest 5 o’clock shadow beard – and expected to explain why you didn’t shave. “because I want to have a beard, it’s my sense of fashion” will not make sense to them. You must dress up as formally as possible, like a professor with a tie, labcoat etc., while other international universities give you freedom to dress, freedom to sit where you like, etc.
4. They even maintain a strict >90% attendance rate, and class if mon-sat, 8am-5pm. If you’re unwell, have issues, need time for yourself etc. – it doesn’t matter. If you didn’t meet the attendance rate, you won’t be eligible for the exams.
5. No facilities or internal organisations – no such thing as counselors, rowing club, student societies etc. Even schools have counselors.
6. If you’re an international student, they will not help you. You are seen as second class while in class. Students are predominantly from wealthy backgrounds, and are very cliquey – they are generally from the same pre-med colleges e. G. Taylors college, sunway college etc. Students tend to be extremely envious of anyone with a foreign passport and see you as easy prey. If you disagree with one of them, all students will gang up against you and isolate you. If you explain to the staff that you are finding it difficult to get through without the cooperation of other students (E. G. When they put you in groups, and you need to speak to patients in their native tongue etc.), staff will blame you – “if they’re against you, you must have done something. The problem must be with you”. Zero support from the university. They don’t have the balls to pull students to the side and enforce mature aspects of workplace relations like cooperating with your team mates to achieve a common goal. Instead, their idea of preparing you for real life is to spend your golden years in a viscious class full of nasty people and staff, from mon-sat, 8am-5pm, dressed up like a professor even though it’s boiling humid hot.
Once you graduate, if you don’t have malaysian citizenship, are not married to a malaysian, or have malaysian parents, you will not be given a guaranteed housemanship (Internship). If it is hard to go back to your home country, the college doesn’t give a dam. They are happy to just take your money and dump you at the end – leaving you in debt, jobless, and with a useless certificate which means nothing without work experience and won’t help you in any other field.
Do not make this mistake. This is the strongest warning I can give you.
7. Keep hush on matters – if you have a problem about the college, you are not allowed to raise the matter to them or outside the college. If they find out, instead of trying to address the issue, they will try and punish you for complaining. To avoid even getting into this situation, they will threaten you at the start. E. G. We had some representatives from the ministry of health come to campus. We were told to not raise any complaints, or we will not pass our exams or get through college.
8. Unethical – students can mug up answers to past paper questions, as they tend to repeat them. Their marks are not reflective of true education, but rather, cheating. Lecturers will even disclose some of the questions to some of their student friends.
9. No respect for privacy – your marks will be publicly posted, not just on the college walls, but also on the internet. Even if you failed. If you ask them to take them down, they’ll dismiss you and say that it is within their policy.
They will give your personal contact details to any member of the public, shamelessly. If requested to not do so, or to explain why they did, they will just ignore you.
10. If you’re an international student, they will ask you for your feedback and whether you will recommend the program to others, while you are sitting your final mbbs exams. Do you expect international students to make any negative remarks while the outcome of the final mbbs exam results are out of their hands? Don’t be fooled! The majority of the international students with positive testimonials on their website are actually of malaysian/singaporean ancestry. The real foreigners largely drop out in first or second year, which is what I should have done in hindsight. Now, I realise that I will be stuck with this university label on my resume for life. What a disgrace.
And the college actually has the balls to ask me to recommend them to others..

In short, this college is a fraud. They are not international, and are worse than school in my opinion. Do not waste your money on melaka manipal medical college, as they are happy to take your money and not deliver your expectations. Not even a guaranteed job, or an effort to help you out. They will be smiling when you finally accept that you wasted 5 years of your youth leading a miserable life, and ending up in significant debt. If you do manage to get out of the situation, they will get others to call you so that you can help them out. They want you to do all the hard work, then expect you to support their students (Who most likely don’t give a crap about you and would have treated you badly if they were the same level as you). It’s the selfiest, greediest, most unethical, immature and corrupted institution I have ever been to.

Found At: Melaka-Manipal Medical College – Terrible college. Not international at all.

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