Mercy San Juan Medical Center

On December 12, 2021 I went to Mercy San Juan Medical Center emergency room because I was suffering with severe dental emergency a filling had fallen out a month prior but was not giving me any pain so my dentist and I decided to wait until the new year rolled around to do work on it so I would have my full benefits however Saturday, December 11 I woke up with swelling on my face and severe pain in that tooth I had a telehealth appointment with my primary care because the dentist office was closed they prescribed me antibiotics on the 11th in the morning which I took as prescribed all that day and night the morning of December 12 I woke up and my face was the size of a softball I couldn’t open my mouth and the swelling had moved not just on my face but but my jaw my throat and right under My eye on the left side. So I called my primary care as well as my dentist him both advised that it is now a medical emergency and I needed to go to the emergency room as quickly as I could so at 11 AM I arrived at Mercy San Juan medical Center severe swelling and severe pain with a high fever difficulty swallowing and limited breathing because the swelling had moved to my throat and neck the triage nurse had no regard for anything that I was explaining to her and basically put me in the rapid care line so I waited to see the doctor through rapid care then after seeing that doctor he ordered intravenous IV anabiotic’s and a CT scan with die of my face and neck area so that he could see how deep the infection was as well as bloodwork after several hours of sitting in excruciating pain in the waiting room because I was sent back out after seeing the doctor in rapid care was finally called into the back where the doctor proceed to come into my room and try to inject me with nothing in that area I could barely open my mouth as it is but he attempted to get me none anyone who’s had any dental anesthetic put in their mouth knows that it’s extremely painful when they just shove it in extremely fast and they don’t do the shot slowly my face was already swollen when they injected the numbing anesthesia it left a huge bubble of fluid on the inside of my cheek and gum which made it that much more uncomfortable I was in tears crying in pain the doctor finally agreed after six hours of being in the emergency room that I could have some pain management they gave me 1 mg of Dilaudid and some Zofran from my upsets stomach as it made me nauseous. Shortly after that the ER doctor came in and explained to me that they had spoken with an ENT specialist and that the specialist advised I be admitted to the hospital because the infection had already abscess so deep in my cheek and jaw bone and spread to my bloodstream and my white blood cell count was three times the normal amount they immediately started me on IV fluids and IV antibiotics as well as a shot of anabiotic‘s while I was in the emergency room I witnessed two nurses who were blatantly disrespecting and speaking bad on two patients that were in there for psych issues one of the nurses stated about one of the psych patients when another nurse to asked where she was she was probably in the bathroom killing herself I thought that was completely inappropriate for a nurse to say about someone who is having psychiatric issues there was a second psychiatric patient it was in the room next-door to me who came in overdosed and they had to give her CPR and pump her stomach as she was coming to she was a little out of it and acting out slightly one of the nurses came out and was talking to another nurse and said doesn’t a stupid idiot no we just saved her life! how are you going to be a nurse and talk about patients like that I understand they see a lot of homeless and low income families but no one deserves to be talked about or treated like that. Then as I’m going upstairs to the surgical floor I let the nurse know that my pain meds were wearing off and the pain was coming back to an excruciating level seems has it had been four hours since they had given me the pain meds I didn’t think that they would have a problem giving me another dose even if it was Motrin or something anything to keep the severe pain from coming back I was desperate the nurse in the ER said that she would make sure that the doctor put in the orders because I was on my way transferring upstairs to my new bed when I got upstairs the nurse Chester who is a very nice guy came in and said that I’m sorry your doctor will only prescribe you one 500 mg Tylenol for pain I explained to him that one Tylenol was not going to work that Tylenol was not going to even touch the kind of pain that I was in with this abscess and the swelling and the tenderness and that I needed something more I explain to them that what they gave me in the emergency room worked really well and I would appreciate it if while I’m in the hospital they could continue that regiment until they did the surgery on my face the following day when they were going to Lancet under my chin and relieve the pressure after 30 minutes of going back-and-forth with the nurses and the nurse is going back-and-forth with the doctor the doctor eventually agreed to give me one 200 200 mg Motrin I couldn’t believe it I was completely and totally back to full-fledged pain I was in tears and I was begging for them to keep me comfortable and they were refusing to do that I still had almost a full anabiotic prescription at home that my doctor had prescribed me the day before after finishing two bags of IV antibiotics and getting my shot I left AMA from Mercy San Juan because they refused to respect me and keep me comfortable in a time of great pain they treated me like I was a piece of garbage someone who didn’t deserve to be comfortable in a painful situation they made me feel horrible like I was some kind of addict for asking for pain relief 😮‍💨 I hadn’t been to the hospital since 2009 before that so it’s not as if in their chart they had seen history of me coming in and out of the hospital I’m a fairly healthy person I haven’t been in a long time all I was asking was to be made comfortable through this very painful experience I wasn’t asking for anything more I just didn’t wanna be in pain while I was sitting in a hospital in a place where I’m supposed to be treated safe and not be in pain also as a footnote when I left I told the nurse that I would like to speak with the doctor because he kept telling me that she was extremely concerned about me leaving against medical advice yet she refused to come and speak with me on the phone or in person she refused to keep me comfortable and even when I met her briefly in the emergency room before I was transferred upstairs she made no effort to introduce herself or even let me know who she was she popped in the room got on the computer smiled and walked out I didn’t even know that was my new doctor until I got upstairs and was told that the lady that I saw in the emergency room when I came up here was her. I am so disappointed with how Mercy San Juan treated me not as a patient but as a person in general they made me feel like I was nothing and nobody when they are sick and feeling as horrible and painful as I was should ever have to have someone look at them and tell them that they’re not experiencing the pain that they’re feeling and that one Tylenol should help I don’t even take one Tylenol or one Motrin when I’m on my period every month I take at least three Motrin’s so why were in 1 million years with doctors and nurses believe that one Motrin or one Tylenol would be enough to take the pain away from something as excruciating as the type of infection that I had going on it wasn’t even considered a dental emergency anymore it was actually considered a medical emergency according to the ENT specialist because of where the abscess was located and how severe it had transferred to my bloodstream and still with the CT scan with the facial swelling with the tears I was in with all my complaints and all the proof they had that it actually really was happening they still refused to make me comfortable and that is completely unacceptable when it comes to hospital and patient care especially when your slogan is human kindness

Found At: Mercy San Juan Medical Center – Emergency room/ surgical floor staff

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