Merry Maids

I was mislead by the owner Terry Bollons of Marry Maids of El Dorado Hills CA . They did not complete the job in the time frame given. When I called to complain that i did not feel i got my money worth, 2 girl for 3.5 hours which he said was like 1 girl of 7 hours. all they cleaned was the kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a powder room. The first thing he said when he was selling me the package was “we start at the top and work down”. i said, ” i just want to make sure we get the tile floor, the base boards and the cobwebs on the ceiling fans. i have spent the last 3 hour mopping my own tile floors, vacuuming the stairs and the cobwebs are still there. He came over to inspect what i was saying and proceed to humiliate the young cleaning girl and when i told him the problem was on the way He miss represented his business to me, he told me to stop insulting him and walked out. As he left he called me a ### and other expletives all the way down the walk way. Please don’t use them. The owner is rude, miss leading and is a crook. They charged me $341.00 for nothing.

Found At: Merry Maids – Ripped Off

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