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I went into Michael’s arts and crafts store with the intention of doing a little shopping I hadn’t been into Michael’s in over 10 years this was only my second trip to this Michaels store in that 10-year time frame and because of all the really cool crafty things I got a little carried away and I took my time and I looked through a lot of different aisles and different items in order to decide what I wanted I put things in my basket because I wasn’t sure which ones I actually wanted to purchase and which ones I was going to pass on but I wanted to be able to look at all of them and make up my mind I then had to use a restroom because I was on my womanly cycle and I had to change my tampon because it was full of blood I asked to use a bathroom of one of the store clerks was granted access by a keypad allowed to enter the bathroom where it was blatantly visible that the bathroom was a mess and had not been cleaned in a very long time if at all that day went into the largest stall there was in order to have the most available space in case there was any issues that I might need to deal with and you’re not having to get anything on myself or anywhere else especially during this time of the covid-19 use the restroom to find out there was no toilet paper in that stall figured out a way to reach to the other stall next to me in order to use a toilet paper had another employee come inside the restroom while I was using the bathroom restroom as well as after I was finished while I was trying to wash my hands and then accused me of stealing because there was a pile of garbage from someone else having done so previously that day or as a setup by one of the employees in order to kick people out they don’t want to store and I was asked to leave an escort to the front without any proof of any kind that there was actually a theft so I’m finally complain

Found At: Michaels Stores – Accused of stealing after using a bathroom

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