United Medical Center - negligence

A few years ago I had contacted Michele Prichard through AAADiamondSphynx.com about buying one of her kittens. After emailing and calling back and forth I decided to buy one of her kittens. I payed her through paypal and she gave me a date to pick up my kitten. The day before I was supposed to pick up my kitten I had contacted her for the flight information. She responded with an excuse saying that she wasn’t going to be able to send the kitten, I agreed on a date the next week and when that day came and went I contacted her, she repeatedly gave me excuse after excuse why she couldn’t send me my kitten. I began to get fed up and contacted her for a refund of my money($1, 200 + $250 for shipping). She repeatedly gave me more excuses and I was forced to contact paypal to file a dispute. They told me that this happens all the time and that Michele Prichard had a few other people after her. What she was doing was making me wait till the payment cleared and the last date of a refund(that paypal is responsible for) would pass. I had no idea that paypal has only a certain amount of days that it can guarantee a refund. I ended up not making it by that date because I was in denial and hoping that Michele would send my kitten, but unfortunately she didn’t and paypal could only refund us half of our money. Michele completely cut off communication and would not answer our phone calls or emails. She is a scam artist and I no longer buy animals online because of scammers like her. This is a picture of the kitten that she was supposed to send to me.

Found At: Michele Prichard Aaa Diamond Sphynx – Scam

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