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Aug 6, 2022

First, the firm knowingly violated Michigan Law Statue MCL 559.208 (1) provides that a condominium assessment lien does not have priority over “sums unpaid on a first mortgage”. Knowing both prior that I had a lien for windows (Associations Responsibility) and a mortgage.

The condominium association foreclosed on my unit without assignment of the mortgage. Submitting to the Sheriff a fraudulent report claiming no mortgage was on the unit. While talking to a person who I gave permission on my behalf to help settle this matter, the firm was contacted by my mortgage company and added on even more fraudulent charges to my account.

This resulted in my mortgage company paying these bogus charges and passing the huge cost onto me. Never telling the person on my behalf that they already had submitted the charges to my mortgage company. Even charging excessive charges to talk to the person, along with charges against me for the legal service I paid for, which they never talked to. I have a copy of my account ledger.

Mr. Vollmer knew of my financial situation when I had done a forebearance agreement in 2016. I approached the board first on this matter. During the meeting, Mr. Vollmer asked about my mortgage, liens, etc. I disclosed it all. A forebearance agreement was voted on by the board and was granted and was paid off as agreed. They knew my income status.

The Assessment for gutters were illegally imposed. No bids were given and a preference to a board member’s friend won the bid and were work was done in 2020. The issue is they were perfectly good gutters that were replaced in 2008 and repaired in 2012.

The board never cleaned them out since 2012. This is a Capital Improvement, which in our by-laws states need to be told about. The board submitted that this was mentioned at a 2019 meeting, the issue is, there was no 2019 meeting due to lack of a quarum, which we were sent notices about.

Mr. Vollmer tried this in 2010 with another Condominium Association co-owner. The matter was going to court, but was dropped when the prosecutor voted to another position. Shiawasee Condominiums in Southfield. A report was submitted to you and others when Mr. Vollmer was part of Wegner and Associates.

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