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June 1, 2018
client number: [protected]

Contacted sales to suscribe Cable TV, Internet and Home Phone. I specify that include one cable TV program but I had no knowledge of the cable number or name of channel that transmitted the show. The sales person identified for me the specific channel required.

Having determined the channel, the sales person disclosed the cost of the “Cable Package” that included the desired channel. I responded that the proposed price exceeded my budget.

The sales person put me in hold to discuss with another supervisor what can be done . The sales person return to the phone with another offer within my budget.

Service where installed in my house, but to my surprise, the channel offering did not included the show. I called back in June 15 and demanded the channel with my favorite show. Customer service responded that if I want to include the channel that transmit my show, I will have to paid the additional monthly fee.

I feel cheated and deceived deliberately because the initial offering did not clarify that the proposed package DID NOT included my specifications. The sales person just switch me to a cheaper package knowingly that was not satisfying my request for the service conditions.

My desire resolution is that the requested channel be included to my existing program without an increase in monthly fee.

Found At: Midco Cable (Midcontinent Communications) – deceptive sales pitch during telephone orders

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