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Midy zenke owns a home is lacrescent mn and her husband and her 4 kids lenny, luke, lydon and her 4 year old little girl have gone missing. Her behavior is erratic an edgy she was seen at mayo clinic in the middle of the night entering pats of the mayo clinic that required a surgeon badge, she also is running the er weather shes working legally or illegally I was been seen in the er by a man with a badge on that said laboratory and registration. Which gave him the access in my chart, mindy came down to the er and wrntas asking questions about the care and test results I was given and all medications. She has ever since that day spread my personal medical history with coworkers and people I go to coulee council with said she is assisting with the shooting up of elicit drugs to everyone employed as well as the people that visit regularly I heard them say at noon today out loud, where is mindy she should be over soon on her lunch break, but the rumor was that she was visiting the er and her blood work was taken to examine her drugs in her system as she was found by security having sex with a 12 year old boy on the mayo ground. This needs to all be looked into as she is turning off cameras and erasing footage so they are getting away with so much. The shread box in the er was against the wall that the public walk by to exit the er. It was extremely full and was the same shape as the harter garbage bins blue in color and had a pad lock on it. There is no number on the shread box that indicates the agency hired to professionally pick up and dispose of correctly, alot is going on at this hospital in lacrosse, the onalaska campus next to good will is also raising question as the clerk stated there was 11 family practice doctors when I grabbed all business cards that said family practice on it there was 13 doctors. They have family practice on wing 1 and wing 2. That seemed very strange to me. Many people are in the waiting room have small babies. Mindy has been preforming pastic surgery and botox to my family members making them look not themselves which keeps them from being so active with people in there community leaving them more easily sex trafficked. Mindy is believed to be a leader and sex addict preforming intercourse with children, the wear abouts of her children are of concern and I fear she killed her family including her mother who is a lpn in black river falls where she owns a home there alone as mindys father passed away 5 years or so ago.

Found At: Mindy Zenke – her credentials should investigated

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