Miracle Method

First, after resurfacing our bathroom, they re-installed our bathtub knobs backwards. The hot is on the cold and the cold is on the hot. There is a small area that still needs to get touched up. We have still not gotten any replies for when they will be able to fix this.

Secondly, and our largest complaint, the chemicals ruined the polyurethane on our wood floors all the way from our bathroom, hallway, through to our front door. We were there when the worker was picking up his drop cloths, and underneath all of the floors were bubbled and had chemical burns.

We have had the boss try to say that our floor had a preexisting condition. We’ve had 2 wood flooring specialists come out, both of which have been shocked at the chemical stripping of our floors. The boss continues to nickel and dime the problem, not providing any solutions, but continuing to just find lower quotes on patch jobs.

The job in the bathroom is not finished. The bill for the flooring needs to be fixed by the company that damaged it, and it needs to be done RIGHT. Not by some lowball offer handyman who doesn’t have a reputable refinishing business. We have to board our dog during the refinishing of the wood floors and we cannot live in the house because it’s blocking the only bathroom.

The solution is to dissolve our bill. The expense of the flooring, hotel bill, dog boarding, and disregard for our time and headache is the amount that we would have paid for the bathroom resurfacing, had it been done correctly.

Found At: Miracle Method – damage to wood floors by miracle method; complete lack of proactive customer service to fix the problem

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