Miracle Method

well here goes again, in 2010 i had called miracle method at there corporate headquarters to obtain information as to how to get work done by miracle method, they referred to one of there newer franchises in the area which was Youngstown i live in Akron i explained, , Cleveland is closer they insisted that Youngstown was the one i had to go with, , , as this story goes i said OK, upon my previous posting i explained how that franchise had folded leaving me a mess and no one to help from headquarters, , , at that point after many phone calls and way to much stress, not mention 1000.00 dollars down the drain, i reverted to this complaints board, surprise i got a phone call to repair the damaged spots, , , here’s were things happen again, one gentleman from Cleveland location calls and says he has approval to fix and warranty, , , they get out here and realized its bad and will get much worse unless it is all redone because an initial step was skipped in the application process and says it needs all redone correctly and would have to get back with corporate, , , , low and behold they deny redoing it all correctly they want to half ### this once again, the place in Cleveland is very good a customer service, and wants to do it right but corporate says no half ### this, , and now want me to pay for materials 150.00 more at first i agreed just to end all this but after careful thinking i just don’t have the money, , , this is a principal thing, , , bad bad business, is this what ya want i have attached pictures for your enjoyment, , , i just want it done right can anybody help

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