I ordered over $300 worth of merchandise from Missguided. My order number is [protected]. I only received half of my merchandise. I spoke with Fundiswa from live chat. They told me that my order was shipped in two separate shipments with two separate tracking numbers. https://tracking.weareprocarrier.com/?tn=MSG000232929 is the link that Fundiswa gave to me for the second shipment that I never received (the tracking number for this never updated). The first tracking number with items was delivered (so the entire order says delivered on the website). I believe this is why no one will help me. I did not receive the second half of my order. They said if I did not have my full order by October 4th to hop back in chat (bottom right on first screen shot attached). The tracking number never updated still. 10/4/2021 I spoke with Taher who I have an email from (attached). I was told to fill out a missing goods forum. I filled it out and it was declined (photo attached) I also reached out on Facebook and they said there was nothing that they could do as they can not reopen the missing goods claim. I would like for this matter to be investigated. The proof is in the package weight and the size of the package. It was in one of their smaller bags and it was packed to the brim. My whole package (over $300) would not have fit in there. The package says it weighs around 6LBS. I am not sure if this is correct or if this is fraudulent with the company as well. I am missing: playboy x missguided gray fluffy knit cardigan US 0 (out of stock, but I will take a size 2) playboy x missguided black cropped knit rugby sweater US 0 playboy x missguided green cropped knit rugby sweater US 0 playboy x missguided pink bunny all over print pajama set US4 playboy x missguided pink bunny repeat toweling shirt US 0 playboy x missguided green oversized knit cricket cardigan Please help! I never thought I would fall a victim of fraud to Missguided US as I had trusted their company until now. I tried to reach out to them for help and was denied. I did not want to reach out to other companies for help but this is my only option as Missguided will not help me. Their BBB reviews and comments under their IG page promote that this is happening to others as well.

Update: I just contacted live chat on the Missguided US website and got representative Tina. I told her I needed help locating the second package and she ended the chat without writing back.

Found At: Missguided – Only received half of my order company does not care

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