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This company sells Fake designer Merchandise and qurantees they are 100% Authentic. They are NOT. They are high prices fake bags. DO NOT let them tell you any different. I purchased a Fendi Bag from this Company. When I received the bag as soon as I pulled it out I knew it was a fake. I only carry Authentic Designer merchandise and know what to look for. First off the Leather was the wrong color and not of the same quality. Every Authentic bag comes with an authentication card and a small brochure about the bag or designer that is in a little card. even if the brochure isnt in the bag for some reason, the authentication card is. The Authentication card will NOT be blank it will have detailed information about the bag on it. Theirs was Blank. On the inside tag there should be a Hologram authentication seal on the tag. You should not be able to easily peel this off. There should also be a seriel Number on the tag under the Hologram. (The hologram is for Fendi, Roberto Cavali. Gucci and Louis Vuitton does not have this) Also There Is NO Stamped leather tag with a bunch of numbers stitched into the side or bottom of the bag. Do not let this company fool you. Do not let them tell you it is an imperfect bag. Even inperfect bags have the same identification as perfect bags as well as The same quality materials. Most flaws with an imperfet bag can not be noticed with an untrained eye. I sent the fake bag back and have been having a HARD time trying to reach someone by telephone and getting my money placed back onto my credit card. When I emailed the company i did get a response but they were very rude and defensive when i told them the bad was not real. They tried to tell me i need to be educated on Authentic Merchandise. I explained to them how I have purchased several Authentic bags and the flaws with their fake bag that allows me to know it was a fake and they told me I should have purchaded the bag from Fendi. Then they go on to say the bags are 100% Authentic they are just imperfect bags that the manufacturer didnt send to retailers. ###! I told them it was nonsense because I have purchased imperfect designer bags and I have purchased the real bag from Fendi boutique in NYC as i should have in the first place but was trying to save a couple dollars. I then Proceeded to compare my Authentic Bag to their Fake bag with out giving too many details so they cant try to copy and they sent me another email telling me that my email was disturbing and they will give me my money back because they dont want to deal with me anymore. LOL”! I bet they dont want to deal with me because I called them out on their scam! I have got my credit card company involved just incase they they try something shady and return my money. This is headache I could have and should have avoided by just purchasing from a reputable company. If the price is too good to be true…it really is. Please do not buy form this company unless you want to spend almost 400.00 on a fake bag. It is a scam. The only ploace you can get discount authentic designer bags from online so far is and you will see the price difference. Even they cant sell a 1000.00 designer bag for less than 950.00. Other than that stick with SAKS Fifthe Ave, Neiman Marcus, Norsdtrom, Bloomingdales and the Specific designers Boutique. Be careful and be educated.

Found At: MODA QUEEN – Fake Designer bags

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