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We bought Smartstrand/ Fashion Forward from Lowe’s #410 of Myrtle Beach, SC in February. I was in the Home Improvement industry for 30 years and have never seen such a worthless floor covering. I hesitate to call it “carpet” because it does not respond as normal carpet should. As one unhappy reviewer wrote after a ridiculous report from Mohawk, “It sounds like our carpet exists in some mysterious domain outside the laws of physics.” Try another galaxy. Exactly!

I’ve been on the Mohawk-Lowe’s-Mohawk-Lowe’s claims merry-go-round for 6 weeks. Mohawk laughed and told me to not call again and Lowe’s has a predetermined script where the consumer loses. They don’t want to fight Mohawk so they give you the long, painful letdown. You know, rude inspector takes photos, photos get lost, case gets lost, rep won’t return calls, Lowe’s blames Mohawk, Mohawk blames you, Mohawk’s phony lab test “proves” their carpet is perfect, and then claim gets denied over some ridiculous excuse that has nothing to do with your defective carpet. We bought this based on the Lifetime/25-year warranties on pet wear but the claim was denied because we have pets. Does that sound kind of circular to you?

There are 3 major issues. 1) UNRAVELING. In the first few weeks over 50 loops popped up and it looked frayed. Mohawk said their phony lab test PROVED our “dogs did it. ” Gee, do they have a hidden camera in the carpet?” Our previous carpet with dogs was problem-free after 20 years. 2) UNEXPLAINED DISCOLORATION. The carpet we bought does NOT look like the sample and displayed mysterious, dark greasy spots immediately after it was installed. It seems that the yarn reacts to sunlight, air or both and it looks like a black organism is morphing around the room inside the pattern. Other reviewers describe it as “dirty footprints” or “coffee stains.” I call it the Oil Slick. Mohawk made up some fancy words like “Shading” and “Pooling” to cover themselves and to make the defective carpet sound NORMAL. We were refused the technical bulletin so we missed that. 3) UNCLEANABLE. Good quality new carpet cleans in one pass – and I have lots of experience here – but 8-10 passes will not release the dirt from the pattern. I’ve tried everything including various shampoos, soaking, water only, pre-treating. Spot cleaning makes it worse and creates dirty, concentric circles.

I can get it about 90% clean for an afternoon but by the next day the dreaded oil slick reappears and the whole area degrades again. It’s very unstable. I’ve cleaned it several times with poor results and am tired of trying to contain this disaster. As mentioned above, it defies the laws of physics! It’s so disgusting that we’re embarrassed to let visitors near the bedroom. If you are considering this brand, RUN! Let’s hope there will be a legal remedy.

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