Mor Furniture

Do not buy anything from Mor Furniture if you expect to actually receive the furniture. It has been 3 months since I purchased furniture and accersories from mor – I have yet to receive everything.
Promises are made to make the sell and then yiou keep receiving calls telling you that the items are not in stock. They call you every two weeks and tell you Sorry your shipment has been delayed for two weeks. Once you do receive any items they are damaged and yiou have to return them. I have had to return items 3 different delivery times. Absolutely un-believeable! The same items! Good luck with ever receiving your items, and I paid Cash! Sure they want their money up front, but they don’t deliver their end of the bargain. I will never ever buy another item from this store – And I highly suggest that yo don’t either! Stephanie Denney

Found At: Mor Furniture – customer service/delivery promises

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