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My Mother, has been a tenant of Warwick Terrace Apartments for the past two years. Her moving to that complex was so that she could be closer to us after my father passed away. Our house was less then a half a mile from the apartment. Since I have no siblings this was the most logical choice.

A few months after she moved and my mother was diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer’s. At the time the progression of the disease was being controlled by medication and since I worked out of my home my mother would spend the days with me going home to her apartment at night. Along with her regular Dr visits this was a solution that was working, until her last doctors appointment of this past August where she failed a memory test realized her performance, and as a result she lost the ability to speak coherently for about 15 minutes. “She couldn’t find her words” The doctor agreed that it was no longer safe for her to live alone, I moved her with I and my family. I knew that it would mean breaking the lease and that costs would be accrued. This is the way of business. However the events that unfolded and the vindictive behavior displayed by both the on site manager and the property manager has left my family feeling threatened and victimized and that will not be tolerated.

To start with it was several critical days after the doctors appointment passed with no one returning my calls. I had to contact another representative and a different complex in order to get word that I needed to speak with someone right away. When the On site manager was finally in the office, before I could even speak she went almost into a tirade citing how she was a manager and the person I spoke to was a consultant.

I myself suffer from Rhomitoid Arthritis and I was well into several days of moving my mothers things with no help out of the apartment and into my home. So at that point I wasn’t in the best condition to have such conversations. I explained to her that my intentions were taking care of my mother first. To please just send whatever fees are accrued to me.

Had the on site manager chose to end the conversation there none of this would even have ever been the topic of conversation.

As I am getting up to leave she asks me if my mother was going into a nursing home or assisted living facility. At first I thought she was asking out of concern for my mother I could not have been more incorrect . When I told her that my mother was moving in with us with extreme condescension in her voice she said
that such a story would only be believable if my mother was moving from that apartment to either a nursing home or assisted living facility, and that I did not help my mother’s best interest at heart because of my decision to move her in with my family. And that she would need to contact her “Attorneys” about this situation.

I was immediately angered by her comments but I felt it would not help my mother at all for me to loose my temper with someone so curt and immature. I politely told the on site manager that As far as I was concerned my actions were based on what’s best for my Mother and or whatever conversations she had with whomever was her business.

Over the next few days as I was moving the remainder of my mothers property and ensuring that the apartment was cleaned it to accessible standards of the on-site manager seemed to be purposely walking by my mothers apartment with a maintenance worker almost shouting as she walked by that she still hasn’t heard from “her attorneys” yet. I didn’t respond to her because I felt that this still wasn’t an appropriate time or she being the appropriate person to discuss this with let alone in the venue of the parking lot.

The story takes a dramatic turn when upon finishing cleaning my mothers apartment thoroughly I went to the office my soul intention was to drop off the keys nothing else. As I am walking in the onsite manager is gossiping with someone on the phone when she then thrusts the phone receiver at me identifying the person on the other end of the phone is the property manager.

I should have objected more strongly than I did as it was insisted that I must speak with her. However they would not except the keys to my mothers apartment until I first speak with her. The property manager with the same vicious condescending tone voiced everything that the on-site manager had told me when I asked if this could be discussed at a later time because I felt that it was inappropriate to discuss this matter in the venue that it was being discussed I was interrupted and told that they would need writing from her stating that she was vacating the premises which was a minimum of 30 days notice. I explained to them that she has trouble writing due to her condition and that I was power of attorney however they said it had to come from her. I was also told not to bother with any documentation from her doctor because she was going to be treated like any bad tenant.” She would be responsible for the two subsequent months of rent after that I was told to refer to the lease if I had any further questions. I gave them the keys to the apartment which they gave me a receipt for and then I left.

There is a saying that the most dangerous place to be is between a mother and her child if that statement holds true then surely The second most dangerous place to be is between a son and his elderly mother. To keep my composure during this onslaught And not launch into my own tirade was a simple decision to reach. For me to do so would not be in the best interest for my mom. Besides I hadn’t received any invoice all that I have received is unprofessional behavior and childish fits of tempered by people who wanted it known “They Were the ones in charge.”

All of this still would be laughable until we received a threating letter from the property manager stating that the September rent has not been paid, and late charges have been accrued, stating their intentions of turning the matter over to their attorney to begin eviction proceedings. I find this truly remarkable since she hasn’t been residing in the apartment since the Last week of August, and all parties involved are aware of this. It was at this point I started making my anger known to these individuals.

I take exception with the property managers statement that anyone in the employ of Morgan properties has any sympathy at all regarding my mothers condition with Alzheimer’s. What I do believe however that these two “Managers” feel empowered because they think they can threaten and badger a 79-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s who can’t defend herself. But she doesn’t need to defend herself. That’s what she has me for. So I went on a public forum to express my frustrations which I found it distasteful and appalling. This property manager stating what her intentions were, I countered were opposite to what was perceived. The September Rent was not paid because she wasn’t living there, they were aware of this, It was explained along with a letter from her doctor explaining why which they refused, however they did accept the keys, along with my contact information and my address to send all future correspondence . What should have happened next was that a final assessment for costs in the form of a bill should have been generated then sent to me, which upon receipt would have been paid or negotiated with your collections department for payment.

What is fair for the other tenants are of no account to me, I don’t need to hear that line again. What ever you people are going to be charge if I think it’s fair I’m going to write you a check if I don’t I’m going to turn it over to my family’s attorney. It was uncivilized for your staff in venturing an unwanted opinion expressing where are my mother goes for her care, then stating that they would only cooperate if she went into a nursing home or assisted living.

Had that comment not been made regardless of how intended, I can guarantee you all of this controversy and what is to follow would have been avoided. Perhaps in the future these two “managers” should be counseled, in showing proper, professional restraint.

No one ever even wished my Mom well in all of this

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