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RE: LN140179304/598/UK/PUR(COMPLETED)/HL/ij/miw
We signed the letter of offer for a property loan on 10 Mar. We were assured that the Bank’s solicitor will get in touch with our UK solicitor asap i.e. within the same week. Today is 20 Mar and nothing has happened despite several reminders and emails. I have called the bank and contacted the Team Lead of mortgage advisory on 19 Mar. I was assured that the bank’s solicitor will make contact today. This has not happened.

This delay is totally unacceptable. The seller, our property agent and UK solicitors are all waiting for the bank to act. The bank’s employee, Jerome Phua, has repeated failed in his duty of care. This reflects very poorly on CIMB.

Found At: Mortgage – Unacceptable delay and inaction

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