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I have been getting wrist braces from your Windsor store every 6 months for several years but recently they took 2 months to fill my order. I gave them the prescription May 29 and when I called mid June Austin told me WSIB didn’t approve my braces as I received the last pair Dec 2016 so to call back in July. I called in July and left several voice messages none of which were returned so my wife and I stopped by the store Fri July 14 and were told I recently received a pair but after the lady checked on your computer she said I received the last pair Dec 1 2016. I called WSIB and they admitted to mixing up my tens supplies and wrist braces. I called your store Mon July 17 and told them it was cleared up but Austin told me wrist braces don’t wear out that quickly and I can only have them once a year. I told him I am entitled to them every 6 months and he said he would call WSIB. I again call your store and left voice messages which were never returned. The next time I called I was told by a lady that my nurse practitioner was on vacation and I had to call your store back the beginning of Aug to ask them to call WSIB. I called Aug 3 and Austin again told me I’m only entitled to them once a year and since the entitlement is beyond Austin’s authority I asked him if I should go to one of the 3 other places in Windsor that take care of WSIB supplies, he said he would call me the next morning but he didn’t. I called WSIB and my nurse consultant told me she only received one call from Motion Specialties and she had left the Windsor store several messages but they never returned her calls and all she needed was a quote. She said she would take care of it and called me back said I can pick them up. When I picked up my braces the lady laughed and said “Oh you finally got them” and when I replied that someone didn’t do their job and send in a quote Austin gave me a begrudging “sorry”. I don’t know why I was treated this way after being a loyal customer for years and since I suffer from depression and anxiety this caused me a lot of unnecessary stress leading to panic attacks.
Sincerely, John Steiner, [protected]

Found At: Motion Specialties – customer service received from staff at your windsor, ontario location

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