Mr. Cooper

Mr Cooper intently and willfully mislead homeowners during the Cares Act period/Pandemic with regards to deferrals as an option at the end of forbearance periods. Their agents call you periodically to “check on you” and ask if you need more time and make you think that a deferral is available! I specifically stated “I am only interested in a deferral at the end and NOT A LOAN MOD”, to which their agent stated test that is an option. Then towards the end I could not get a hold of ANYONE AT MR COOPER! at the tail end of the forbearance period in September 2021, After calling for weeks trying to get a hold of my “dedicated loan specialist” I could not get a representative on the phone! I was finally told she no longer worked there…. I demanded a manager and again nothing.. This went on for over a week, letting time waste. They purposely avoid calls and intently string homeowners along, lie, waited until after the Cares Act ended to drop the bomb that they only want a LUMP Sum payment. They have agents that pass you along to other completely useless and ignorant agents and then the day I screamed, cursed and demanded to be escalated and try and resolve the balance they put a male on who aggressively stated I had to pay the lump sum OR be put into foreclosure! I finally got a manager who also could not give me answers or even a legit payment plan-I requested she pull the calls since they tell you they are “recorded” and she lied about the calls. These thugs have no shame and blatantly lie and set up homeowners for potential failure just to steal their properties. They know exactly how to train their agents to mislead, lie, and with intent to foreclose. They purposely let time erode because they know how to let the timelines run until you have no options. They are the worst of the worst you could ever entounter and cannot trust anything they say and they refuse to put anything in writing. I wonder why? Their website contains false and misleading information regarding your loan and is different from what they tell you “ on the phone” and they acknowledge that they do not know why it’s different.

They need to be held responsible for their fraudulent acts and willful distress they have placed on so many homeowners.

One day they will each pay the price for their actions because their recent lawsuits have not taught them to clean up their acts. They need another HARD slap from the feds and Elizabeth Warren

Their acts are criminal and should be dealt with ASAP. If you have been affected in the same way PLEASE FILE COMPLAINTS WITH THE CFPB AND EVERY STATE AGENCY!

Found At: Mr. Cooper – Denied deferral after forbearance-bait & switch

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