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I am really crossed, to start DSTV customer service suck you would swear the agents were never trained. I upgraded to compact in April and I didn and I had an amount outstanding in June to view and payed it off and downgraded to the R110, went to pay in store month end June and they said I was owing R90 something because in June I paid extra a bit. July the 27th I payed R110 again on my FNB app and ever since month end June channels that were playing on TV were for R110, today on the TV its disconnected but still plays on my DSTV now with channels of R110. They say it is closed on the TV because I owe R404, I contacted theLiveChat the worst spoke to Lisa M or something and she told me I am on Compact since April tilll this day but for 3 months I didn see the compact channels. I contacted them for clarity now they say I owe R80. I am not owing anything I am supposed to pay R110 month end August, the TV is not playing… no one is sorting this thing out… this is [censored]en ridiculous

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