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this month of February 2018, i paid my DSTV on the 06th of February 2018 but it was disconnected four times. Everytime when i make a call they tell me that i have sufficient money to view and it shows that i have paid on the 06th but i don’t understand why am i being disconnected. this frustate me and my children because there are programs that we misss due to this matter.

I joined the panel (i think it’s 04 years ago) stands to be corrected. This week i received call from the panelist department to be told that i will no longer form part of the panel because they haven’t recieved any information from my household. My complain about this matter is that i haven’t received any call from you guys for any questions and the last call i received i believe i provided you guys with sufficient information. i think i deserve proper explanation regarding the matter and the person who called was just informing me about the decision taken and i don’t even understand your reason for taking that decision.


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