United Medical Center - negligence

I signed up for “freecreditscore.com” in order to check my credit once. Since that time, I have called a number purporting to be related “mvq credit analysis”, the company that is charging me monthly for their services. My 2 calls have made no difference whatsoever. I keep getting charged, and I cannot seem to turn it off.

This is a financial scam. “freecreditreport.com” has turned into “costly existential nightmare.”

I have to contact my bank about this, but if anyone knows a way to reach these (subhuman) people in order to stop this billing, please avail me of that information.

I am contacting the relevant consumer protection agencies and the Ohio State Attorney General’s Office concerning this matter.

There are some really good class action lawyers in my area. If someone is serious about pursuing this, we may want to call one of them.

“free” my ###.

Found At: MVQ Credit Diagnosis – unwanted charges/ services

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