I cancelled my email address which polka gave me – when I purchased a computer through them – On 14th of May 2013 I emailed [protected] to cancel [protected] – I thought the email was cancelled. Again an email was send on 26th of Feb 2014 where I specifically ask Mweb to cancel all other products which they are deducting through my account but leave my one primary email address. When Mweb did not take notice – I cancelled my debit order. I made a complaint on Hello Peter – one agent tried to assist me and then he also disappear – I emailed all my emails to Mweb Accounts for their notification – I thought everything is resolved…all of a sudden I get a sms I am being put on Credit Bureau for non payment…Mweb call center was phoned …the lady told me I did not send any emails as proof – but my hole box is full of proof of send emails…She does not even want to listen to me and told me rudely to pay my mweb account – even a double amount? No Mweb your customer services are bad – they don’t read. It is very disappointing – account 9676395/7125763. I get no satisfactory service from them. Regards Rene Fourie [protected]

Found At: – email address was cancelled – mweb does not even read all my emails

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