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Asked them over email to put “Do not leave outside” on the package. Beth Abbott from said over email she would. I still have this email in my Hotmail account. My local post office looks for this on any packages of mine they get and WILL hold it at the post office if they see the words on the package. The package was left outside and went gone missing. Obviously the words were NOT written on the package as promised by Beth. Called them on 7/20/18 for refund and they were rude and would not even refund my shipping! I called back on 7/30/18 and spoke to the owner, Buddy who accused me of being the rude party but promised me a refund. I asked for it in writing but he ignored this request and said he was hanging up. Called back and spoke to Skyler who also ignored my request and told me, “the conversation is over” I emailed them requesting an ETA of my refund they promised and had to open up a PayPal request. When I called back Beth Abbott denied that Buddy ever said he was giving me a refund. She lied flat out as hours later the refund was granted through PayPal.

I looked on other sites for the same book I orders and those who had it were pricing it for at least $50 less in the same condition! I should have just gone with one of their competitors in the first place! No wonder they had to close up their brick and mortar stores years ago! The negative Glassdoor reviews on being an employee there do not appear to be a positive sign either!

After I ordered from them I received an uptick in the amount of junk emails I receive. They appear to give out customer’s emails without their consent as well.

To sum it up:

They are rude.
They do not listen to directions.
They lie.
Their prices are inflated compared to other online graphic novel dealers.
They give out your information without consent.

Do not buy from!

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