Nail Palace

Had a terrible experience. Not one moment the woman shut-up her mouth. So much of hard selling. Kept trying to force me to sign up for the package. I chose a color and she decided it would not suit me. She asked me to choose another one. I still wanted the shade I chose but she decided to apply the one she thought would look good at me. When paying with the credit card, she was not ready to just pay for this session. She kept saying take the whole package. I just ran off after paying in fear she will follow me for the package. I am relieved I got my credit card back, I feared she would swipe for an amount to match the package.

Never seen such a salon. Horrible would be a mild adjective to describe the experience. Oh and the manicure… Well it has chipped on my second day itself. On the very first day I could see gaps on the sides and bottom.

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