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I cancelled my membership at the Yorba Linda Ladies Work Out Express, and followed all the National Fitness Center franchise requirements putting things in writing etc. After I sent my notice the club closed. I still followed up with National Fitness Center, and was told that all was in order and that my membership was cancelled and subsequent charges to my card would cease. Days later I got a call from NFC advising me that in fact I owed them money. It was a small amount, not even worth the phone call. However I was in disagreement, and asked for a Supervisor. I was told I could not be connected to a Supervisor. I got two more irritating calls, both times asked for a Supervisor, both times told I could not be transferred. One person went so far as to say that Supervisors can’t make decisions, and they are not problem solvers. I asked for a higher level of Management, and that request went to deaf ears. I asked for business owner involvement from the YL location, and was promptly told they had no say in the matter. On both of the calls, I then asked for a complete written balance sheet analysis as to why they think I owe them money. It is not only customary for a business entity who makes claims of money owed, but it is a legal right of the person who the claim is made against to receive such a recap. To date of course, no such recap. But what I did get in the mail was a collection agency notice, with an amount owed over 2000% over the original discussion. Yes, that is two thousand percent.

I have taken the path to write the CEO..we will see where that goes. I hope he is in a position of being able to make decisions.

Anyway, second word of advice. I left Ladies Work Out Express in Yorba Linda for many reasons that cannot be mentioned in this forum, but amongst them, the hours. I signed up, and the hours kept being reduced. They took 4 & 5 day holidays and closed early when employees were not available. So my advice, have written into the contract that your payment/membership is predicated on the hours they are open on the day you join, and that if hours are reduced that you have the right to terminate without consequence. It is a complete rip off that you join, and then hours are reduced.

Found At: National Fitness – it is a complete rip off that you join, and then hours are reduced!

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