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Back in February a friend and I signed up for a gym membership at Premier Ladies Fitness. Being Military spouses we know moving could always be in our near future. When going over the contract with the employee we informed her of this possibility. She then told us “not a problem, just send proof of move and you’ll be fine”. Well months passed and as we thought our husbands deployed and we decided to move. We contacting Premier Ladies Fitness and were told to contact National Fitness via a 800 number. My friend spoke with a representative from National Fitness and they told her fax them proof of move, be it rental agreement, utility bill, drivers license. We faxed a copy of the rental agreement, waited 3 days and called to see if the membership was canceled. The representative was extremely rude and unhelpful. We were then told this wasn’t sufficient enough and we needed to send a drivers license, utility bill, etc. We’re moving in with a roommate, the utilities are in her name so why go through the trouble of getting that changed over into one of our names just for the soul purpose of canceling a gym membership. We’re in the process of moving have are trying to tie up all the loose ends of our husbands being deployed and haven’t had time to go the DMV in our new county to get a new license. I contacted the manager at the Huber Heights location and she told me she’s help me cancel the membership and not to worry. All I had to do was compose a letter explaining my situation and fax it to her and National Fitness. A few phone calls later she tells me (on two separate occasions) that the membership has been canceled. National Fitness contacted me a few days later and informs me they have received my letter of complaint but it doesn’t changed that status of my membership. The membership is still active and will continue to be charged to my account. I tried to contact them manager at the gym, she told me the membership is transferable to a participating gym within 20 miles of our home. She lied about the cancellation and when I call Nation Fitness I’m treated horribly. I have sold my soul to the devil himself for this membership This experience has been one shameless lie after another. I have regretfully referred my friends to this gym. I will be coming back to the Dayton Area upon my husband‘s return. If things hadn’t been the way they were with Premier Ladies Fitness/National Fitness I would have continued with a membership at their establishment. When attending support meeting for military spouses I will make it a point to educate them with my poor experience with these companies.

Found At: National Fitness – unable to terminate membership although I have provided sufficient requirements

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