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It’s been almost two months since my original installation date. The first time the installers showed up, the carpet was cut incorrectly. The second time, they had a 12 ft roll instead of a 15 ft. The supervisior, Ron, said that the carpet we ordered didnt’ come in 15ft but that it would be fine and you wouldn’t see any seams. The third visit, we had the 12 ft carpet installed but the seams were visible from down the hall. Eventually, after more than 6 missed appointments and 6 weeks later, we had to select a different carpet because they told us the carpet we wanted wasn’t available. We were told, by Ron, we couldn’t get our money back because we had already had carpet installed. The only options were less expensive carpet, so Mary Sumner of the Avon office told us we would be compensated $300 for the loss of time and the cheaper carpet. So we agreed and picked something else to be installed. Again, a few more missed appointments and the less expensive carpet was installed. But, we were never credited. Once again, placing multiple phone calls before we got an answer, we were told that we aren’t getting any money back because we agreed to take the cheaper carpet. Mary said that if we hadn’t accepted, we could have just gotten all of our money back.
So, 2 months after we ordered our “next day” carpet, we missed more than 6 days of work waiting for salespeople and installers, were over-charged on the original installation date, still don’t have something we’re happy with, and National Floors doesn’t even return our calls anymore!

Found At: National Floors Direct – scam artists!

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