National Rifle Association [NRA]

Made a Statement of Purchasing a gun to A Phsychologist The infringement of other words collaborated by Doctor Caused her to make a statement Referring to my character as you act like you have an Attitude I was not angry nor upset while in a referral session with Doctor. Due to Pandemic No Employer and or Employment met to seek explanation. My Advice was and is on hold since 01/17/2020 obtained weapon register with Wayne Police Dept. Waiting for CCW licenses. Due to a Car accident of 3/29/2018 in Texas a lot has changed for me have been opened up and laid to wait during crisis. Persons meaning is Sought through Legal action as Malpractice. A Medical Series of events No fight to join.

Victor Williams
P.O Box 7370
ANN Arbor
Michigan 48107

Objective: seeking professional health care due to an early on stated accident. Make appointments timely and decisively to on board Medical Specialist with prejudice and opinionated assertion of bodily harm due recovery and or Rehabilitation of My Instituted
Gap of maintaining a productive lifestyle with the vision and certainty of the future
To gather my Independence in Whole currently in part duress of financial only assistance To make sure Fiduciary outburst are more than presented but respected by an early on respectful career in need of help to further and or lessen changes that hurts financially Without notice To I myself that currently in need of either a lien of services or a gatherer of Meridian Health statements to keep track of current on board doctors that are appreciated in my endeavor to be diagnosed with their Knowledge of professionalism and understanding through put hence one’s behaviour to heal properly

St Christus Mother Frances Hospital 3/29/2018%8389 South Broadway Avenue
Tyler Texas 75703 Phone#[protected]
Back injury Head Trauma Musculoskeletal pain Chest wall contusion CT Scan

Mission Hospital Carolina Mountain Emergency Medicine PA 8/29/2018%509
Biltmore AVE Asheville, NC 28801 Phone#[protected]
Severe back pain

Garden city Medical Center 11/28/2018%2020 Middlebelt RD Garden City
MI, 48135 Phone#[protected]
Original practice was in belleville MI followed doctors office to current address paid
Old bill of $120 dollars retained services to be referred to Wayne Neurology

Wayne Neurology12/03/2018%34815 W. Michigan Avenue Wayne, MI 48184
Testing done EEG Electroencephalography VNG videonystagmography EMG
Electromyography, Evoke Potentials Auditory AEP, SEP, VEP, . Cervical Dystonia,
Prior referred to Physical Therapy

Orthosport Physical Therapy 12/03/2018%46615 Michigan Avenue Canton MI,
48188 Phone#[protected]
Acupuncture Physical exercise

I Care Spine Rehab center 11/19/2020%18984 Livernois Detroit MI, 48221
In therapy

M1 Imaging Center 5/20/2020%27501 Woodward Berkley MI, 48072
DVD Offset of Brain and Spine

Eye Care Optometry 12/03/2019%1755 Dix HWY Lincoln Park MI, 48101
Vision test-/+ referred to specialist due specific instructions of treatment by
Neurologists office
Dr. Aggarwal Ophthalmology 12/06/2019%10501 Telegraph RD Taylor MI, 48180
Suite 102#[protected]
Medical Eye Exam

Packard Health Clinic Date not specific lost Contact%312 W. Huron Ann Arbor
MI, 48103#734-971-1073ext Clinic
Request of clinic to refer an Neuropsychology evaluation, Exam performed
Questions and Physical throughput of Mental and concurrent Medical status
Checkout by Doctor before giving the Referral which came by Text message of Appt.

Dr. Elizabeth Hunt Psychologist 1/17/2020%312 W. Huron Ann Arbor MI, 48103
Evaluation and referral referred out from day of discovery Legal Aide sought
Possible violation of the Social Workers Code of Ethics matter Tort Liability. Referred
Social Work through a behaviorist actions to tell me I act like I have an Attitude
Abruptly used possession to describe my behaviour in a deferred manner to send
Me to a counselling session from meeting with I at the Shelter Association of
Washtenaw where clinic is located addressless inside free services for anyone whoso
Ever In need of them.
Complaint filed with Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) : went to a familiar location, Robert J. Delonis to seek shelter and assistance in current status of homelessness and to get a prescription filled by a Neurologist To seek counseling. As I now stay in the warming center this was done to an inability to continue working a light duty job because of an 3/29/2018 Car accident. While I’M being provided services I sought another through Packard Health to refer me to a counseling facility to obtain an evaluation stated previously by acting Dr. The free clinic is located inside of the Delonis building. I went to the clinic and they sent an Dr. from What would be now and said as my relayed information set as a health care provider from Packard Health. On 1/17/2020 I met with Dr. Prior agreement to meet was set up to do so at shelter I agreed.
During evaluation I was referred to as an angry person acting as if I have an attitude. I told the doctor that I would need to see an Endocrinologist after reviewing that was not my behavior and from there I said nothing Dr. Went out of room and brought in another person to convey with Dr. Decision to say a bold statement that did not fit at all to mention while we were alone in room. Soon after meeting with doctor I was set up to meet with a Social Worker located at Packard Health
Have been seeing Social Worker outside of DR. Hunt wanted to set up another meeting on my case to follow up Dr. Did not show up to the most recent appointment made by Packard the staff at Delonis was asked by me if any meeting that was at Shelter was a Social Workers code of Ethics violation questions were asked between times of appointments and two different locations. A fatal accident that involved a temporary services employer and their client Fiduciary in question complicated systematic bias of the work related accident that occurred in a mapping system attached to a vehicle. This person stressed me out and is currently seeking a lawyer. In my opinion the effigy of Such Packard Health added drive of Foursquare and and depleted Kresge eye care to Green dot my Fiduciary type Auto Accident into their Asset control. Effigy.ORG Due to past Health care providers Digital Fausat, MIra Med Financial Computer Shares AKA Fidelity, Bluecross Blueshield, Medicaid, University of Michigan Health systems Charter Health Care, Beaumont, United Healthcare “Send only” line box of Department of Human Resources Provider Field(Form), Fairfield, Genoa Healthcare, Meridian Health

Note: In Truncating with the doctors Pseudo evaluation that leaves me no choice to not fit my cervical bearings Neck area to breathe openly and freely brings me to understand Malpractice is not always an physical action but a leisure in time too can be created and gapped for further misdiagnosis when I am mistreated to be confined and or locked out of a better future due to misrepresentation for already have had previously owned up to my and mine only responsibilities to be a part of joining what my doctors put into play for me to role my strength through various specialists
Leaves a gap which is other than a time table for healing properly although a decimal point for getting a fraction of care around other professionals that deluge the appetite to use machines likewise as myself would use tools to compile a completion rate facts bring truth and discerning a person’s Character for longevity that may bring onsets of installed agreements plays it role as a non producer to current Status quo that’s is a feeling of what is going on. While the doctors behaviour is erratic into my thought process the opening of septic and sewer like condemnation is present as to where to turn with one option that is not mine greed dispels and now more options than what are needed is what keeps me on the edge with a new changing view of three parts of my assembly that are scattered about in Namesake learning prevention inhibition capitalizing my goals in succession to be Trustworthy and carry a freedom of speech that does not allow demarcation of the tongue for bringing new fish to the battered pond by means of Cavitation vice versus due on to others as you would have others due to you two types of cavitation are suction and discharge also for me productivity capable of results in my Business type Neural Networking a tool for those scattered thoughts Digital Fausat worked contrast of mucus without retaliatory delay of constraints from not being compliant with another State regarding my superficial being. A Host of things are rampide when dealing with Neurological associations. For me I Feel that the doctor is trying to heal my cavitation without projecting patient intent. Sight forbearance voided focusing on a trajectory leaves only sight that memory does not recognize such as just looking before me front A]vision looks out B]stopped when thinking becomes redundant for nofuther perception to allow distancing so to go as far as to look to the sky C] Vision returns and has to be lined up into the eye, can not go astray of sight to perform complex task without faithfully and religiously seeking an eye catching point for my vision to capture pixelation whatever beam of light in color laser like lines(dust) in distance I accept to bring back the vision for sight purposes . APS Association For Psychological Science “pretends when the majority becomes the minority “tongue is not part of the brain stem as I am to Society”. Excerpt: Several psychological theories — including power threat theory, first proposed by Hubert Blalock in 1960 — have attempted to explore the deepest drivers of the resistance to these demographic shifts. Expanding on Herbert Blumer’s theory that racial prejudice arises from the way racial groups view themselves in relation to other groups rather than individual feelings or attitudes, the power threat theory posits that the majority group perceives a threat to its hold on economic, political, and even cultural resources when a minority group’s size increases. In Retaliation of my doctors Now COVID 19 stands taller than the Eiffel tower amongst Men alike who are Mis dis en frachichesd by the ways of the wicked to hold their truths to be one self enoched. Such a small group of reminders when you have a full life to lead that is done with examples of hosting I don’t know how to act. In statutory limits of defining character I carry my own fellowship in diversity though in this and type situations putting the the receipt where purchase is made does not allow exchange to be exhibited one can only exchange a Mirror of thoughts compromise whenever the health care provider has payee due the insurance Company is supposed to pay first any turning of events that may not go on for the rest of my live encounters of pushing can go back to my childhood days of drive determination willfully considering the measure of my life when missing the point. Anal retentive has been blalocked with production from my own research and capture Trough deployment to add variations thoughtfully and to state a non compete to come.

FN:SGRN 9114901189866382849375

Therapist Packard West Health And Medical Systems 1/30/2019%1915
Pauline Blvd Ann Arbor MI, 48103 #2nd Tracking into my own Neural Network
Digital Fausat
Counseling Documented and retained with no other referral and or Remarks to
Suggest. Discontinued throughput of services Via Victor Williams

University Of Michigan Neuropsychology Date unknown% Covid19 Addressed
Phoned previous date and time earlier than present call information taken told time
to reserve Appt; is a One year process at later date 4/03/2020 message to return call
Was noted by a live person not a recording of the account.

Medical Examiner of DMV Certificate 04/14/2017%3131 S. State ST Ann Arbor
MI, 48108#[protected] OMB NO.[protected] Expiration 8/31/2018
National Registry Number3108474372
2 year Medical certificate to drive commercially expired 4/14/2019

Found At: National Rifle Association [NRA] – Statement by a professional

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