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On 23 Sept 18 at approximately 1:20 pm I visited the store at 11011 Highway 49 Gulfport, Mississippi. I explained to the young man writing up tickets that I needed an oil change but knew the oil plug bolt had been rounded off and would require an extraction socket to remove. The employee … young white male, approx 5′, 2″ short and heavy set explained that he would write up a ticket for an inspection and have a mechanic look at the vehicle and let me know if they would able to change the oil. He scanned my vehicle for details, wrote a ticket and I proceeded to the waiting room. Approximately 40 minutes another customer entered the store requested an oil change (I didn’t know this at the time) and joined me in the breakroom/waiting room. Approximately 5 minutes the service writer came and advised her that he didn’t have wiper blades to fit her car. approximately 20 minutes later (about 2:30) he returned and told her that her vehicle was ready. Curious at how she managed to get service so fast… I asked her what service she had done. She politely replied, “an oil change.” I in turn replied that’s what I requested. The customer was very apologetic acknowledging her understanding that I had been there before she arrived. I went back to the reception area and requested the keys to my vehicle explaining to the service writer that I also was waiting for an oil change and that he was wrong for taking the other customer (who happened to be a white female) ahead of me. It shouldn’t matter, but I just happen to be a black male. The service writer (not knowing that the customer had already shared with me the service she was receiving) proceeded to explain that there were different mechanics for tire installation versus oil changes. I explained to him that I was aware that this customer had just had an oil change … to which he seemed supervised that I knew this and began to try to explain it away. I simply requested my keys and left the store.

Not that the service writer would know … but I just happen to be a 24 year military veteran/retiree who has served this Country honorably for 24 years in uniform earning the highest enlisted rank possible and continue to serve as a Civil Service employee. The treatment that I received is appalling, for any U.S. citizen to have to experience. The customer who was taken care of ahead of me although I arrived at least 40 minutes prior is Ms. Chantelle Jackson and gave me permission to reference her in this complaint.

This blatant disrespect of my time and disregard for my dignity and respect is totally unacceptable and should not be condoned by any business. I eagerly await your response.

Curtis Greer – [protected]

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