Native Indian Made

In October 2015, I ordered a pair of turquoise earrings. I received them and they were slightly damaged. I was able to repair them and I liked them enough that I decided to order a second pair with Lapis. I received them also, but the quality of workmanship was unacceptable. The sheet metal (silver) on the backside wasn’t wide enough to cover the back of the stones. I called a couple of times and left messages, although my calls were never answered, or returned. I sent a couple of emails and finally got a note back, telling me that they would replace them with another pair. I returned the earrings and waited for weeks for another pair to arrive. It never happened. I made numerous phone calls, and sent numerous messages through their email address. Finally, in mid-December, I notified them again, by email and told them that my next step would be to contact my credit card company to dispute their charges, if they couldn’t respond. The charges are now in dispute and I still have not heard a word from them and have not received another pair of earrings…BUYER BE WARE! The company practices very deceptive business tactics. Order #[protected]

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