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In december 2012, I contacted navy federal credit union to apply for a 100% financing loan for a new construction condominium. I completed the information online. After applying through the online system I received an email notifying me that my loan officer would be mr. Marcus xxxx. I immediately contacted mr. Marcus and informed him that I am purchasing a townhouse condominium in md and would like to use 100% financing. From the onset my relationship with marcus has been tumultuous as he did not explain the nfcu loan process and the documents that he required. At one point I was so frustrated that I told him to contact another member of my family because he and I were not communicating well. He was very unprofessional throughout the entire process and I had a difficult time getting him to respond to my emails and phone calls.

As the process moved on I was stuck in the middle between him and the construction company-ryan homes and their financing procedures. Ryan homes does not provide 100% financing so I did not use their financing but decided to use nfcu instead. A few weeks ago I was notified by ryan homes that I was to pay additional monies for preconstruction/downpayment. I contacted marcus and he informed me that he was not getting in the middle of the dispute between ryan homes and I and that was something I would have to figure out myself. I was confused because I thought that if I used nfcu 100% financing, I would not have to pay anything other than the down payment and closing costs. I was stuck in the middle because I was given instructions by marcus and totally different instructions by ryan homes. I finally insisted that marcus talk to the ryan homes sales representative and get the matter straightened out. I am not sure if he did because I called marcus inquiring about the conversation he had or shouldve had with the ryan homes sales rep and he never returned my call.

On friday february 8th I received two emails from marcus. The first email informed me that since 60 days had passed I would have to go through the approval process again 45 days before setttlement and to contact him then. Then 4 hours later I receive another email informing me that nfcu would not provide a loan for a new construction condominium. He asked for the ryan home sales reps contact information, which I provided. At that point I asked marcus to keep me abreast of the situation so that if necessary I can cancel my contract with ryan homes. Although he sent that message at 8:40pm and I responded at 9pm I have yet to hear from him. I am very displeased at the service I have received from marcus and nfcu. From the beginning I told marcus that I was purchasing a new condominium and never withheld any information from him. I contacted his supervisor amanda and she was no help at all and told me that she didnt see what the problem was and that I would not be able to get a loan for a new construction condominium although marcus said I would and there is nothing she can do and told me goodbye. At this point I am working again with ryan homes who is providing me with better financing but I am just disappointed and angry at how nfcu mortgage department dealt with this situation. I paid $400 for this loan to be processed but have not received a refund even though I was given erroneous information from marcus. I will never consult nfcu mortgage department when purchasing a home and will never use their financing for anything. I have referred numerous family members to nfcu and I am sorry I did because the way I was treated was unacceptable.

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