I don’t have the best mouth in the world. I’ve been around blue color men, and then a house full of teenage boys. I have to watch my mouth at work, in public, etc.
The very first thing I noticed on lucifer was – “wow they sure are squeezing in ways to drop any cuss word they think will fit”. Then designated survivor was released –
Omg! Wow! I work for the govt and was absolutely shocked at the cuss words that didn’t even belong in some of the sentences. I don’t know if they’re trying to attract younger cussing crowds by not having the network restrictions placed on them – but even when i’m super “ticked” off, I can’t possibly throw that many bad words together – and i’ve had to start using “frikken” just to stop offending people, and being told numerous times how un-ladylike it was to have a potty mouth… Yet even I was offended at this new trend.
Leave our old shows, and characters alone! We were all so thankful for you to continue them. Now i’m starting to wonder what they’re going to do to the return of “stranger things”! I’m hoping since they started the series without crazy language, that they will just continue the show as it was.

Found At: Netflix – designated survivor/lucifer excessive foul language

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