My name is Hector Juarez and the account Reference Number is [protected]
On march 18 2021 I received an email from NetSpend prepaid card messages center saying that there was a problem with my account that I should contact customer support before using my card so I try to login to the online account site but my card was blocked, I had my tax refund and the stimulus refund just deposited on my account by the IRS 2 days earlier. I have been a NetSpend verified customer for 13 years and never had a problem META BANK or  green dot before. Next day I called customer support and they asked me for the phone number  that I  used to register the account  and verify my identity. So I  gave the agent  the number and told him that I no longer have that cell number,   that my uncle was using it for his welding service  business.  They wouldn’t even tell me any reason  why my account was blocked. and that I needed to call them from that  cell and they were going to call me to that same number, next day I went with my uncle and called customer support  from that number and after 30 minutes on hold an agent finally talked to me . I answered and verified all my info correctly  and told me to hang up and wait for a call to verify the cell number, I did not received any call from them so I called again and they told me that I needed to send some documents to verify me again so I sent my documents 3 times and they wound not accept them for one or other reason, so they closed my account for fraudulent activity they told me, so after many cards and around 13 years of being a loyal customer and  paying all the high fees they come up with this ? 
I had $2900 in my account which I needed after the covid-19 took my dad,   financial situation went from bad to worse and I am counting on that money. So they  told me that remaining funds would be sent to the address on file in the form of a check  or back to the sender which I don’t understand why, and that it would take 30 days to authorize the check . After a month of waiting, they sent an email and they replied stating that my funds would take 60 days, that they are being reviewed and they will inform me when they decide where to send my funds. I ‘m really upset with netSpend and their  terrible customer support. If you get to talk to someone it is impossible to understand what they are saying.
That money was deposited in my account by the IRS like every year and I’m in my right to have it like any tax paying California resident.
I think is time for another class of action against NetSpend and META BANK
some thing needs to be done.

Found At: NetSpend – Blocking account and holding funds

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